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How Serious Is a Melanoma

Skin cancer is very common, and melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops whenever melanocytes begin to grow out of control. Melanocytes are the cells in our bodies that give our skin its brown or tan colour. While melanoma is less common than other types of skin cancers, it is more dangerous because it will spread to other parts of your body if it is not detected and treated early on.

In fact, melanoma is considered the most dangerous form of skin cancer and early detection is extremely important because it will result in a more favourable prognosis. Skin cancers are highly curable when caught early, and treating this condition before it progresses can save your life. Melanoma is a serious type of cancer that can lead to death if it is not treated because it will spread beyond the original tumour site, and once it advances to a later stage, there are no treatments that can help.

Detecting melanoma in its earliest stages is key because the cancer will be localized at this time, so the tumor’s malignant cells will not have multiplied just yet, meaning they won’t extend beyond the skin. In its early stages, this cancer is considered non-invasive. However, later stages would be far more serious as the chances of curing melanoma will drop significantly once it spreads beyond the original tumour site. This is especially true once a tumour spreads to distant body sites like the organs.

The reality is that every melanoma can become deadly, so timing is the key to a cure. The importance of early detection cannot be emphasized enough because there is a very high survival rate if melanoma is detected while still in its early stages. Treating the cancer at this time will prevent it from progressing, and taking action right away is a must because there is no way to predict how fast a melanoma will move to the next stage.

The bottom line is that melanoma is very serious, but the good news is that it can be treated successfully if it is detected early. Visiting a dermatologist is extremely important, so you need to schedule regular checkups to ensure your skin is healthy. Skin exams will monitor any changes or concerns, and your dermatologist will be able to take note of any new or changing lesions that may become cancerous. A biopsy can be completed, and the situation can be treated before it escalates, so regular skin exams are a must, even if you don’t notice anything suspicious.

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