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Summer Skincare: 5 Ways to Update Your Routine

Warmth, fun and sun are all part of the summer season in Barrie, although taking care of your skin must be a priority during this time. Rising temperatures can lead to damage; breakouts, dryness, irritation and even a dull appearance are some problems you may experience if you don’t follow a proper skincare routine. Visiting a dermatologist and taking the right steps will do wonders for your skin, and updating your summer skincare routine will allow you to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. 

If you want your skin to thrive throughout the hot summer months, you need to update your routine by doing the following:

Use High SPF Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen cannot be emphasized enough, and stocking up on this product must be a priority. Sunscreen should be applied daily, regardless of the season. Failure to apply sunscreen can lead to skin damage, and the consequences can be severe. Aging skin is often caused by the sun’s UV rays, and those who use sunscreen regularly will drastically slow their skin’s aging process. Any dermatologist will tell you to use sunscreen; this is one of the first things they will discuss when examining your skin’s condition.

Make Sure Your Cleanser Game is Strong

Both gel and foaming cleansers are effective when getting pores squeaky clean, and this is an essential step during the summer months. Sweltering summer temperatures and rising humidity levels will cause your skin’s oil production, which is why you must give your skin a thorough cleanse day and night.

Go Easy on Your Moisturizer

Heavy cream moisturizers may be effective during the dry winter months in Barrie, but once summer arrives, dermatologists recommend switching to gel or water-based moisturizers that are oil-free. Lighter moisturizers will let your pores breathe and prevent clogging. Additionally, when lighter moisturizers are paired with sunscreen application, your skin will still receive all the moisture it needs.

Be Careful with Exfoliation

Removing dead skin cells can be very gratifying, but you need to decrease the frequency you exfoliate during the summer if you have sensitive skin. Exfoliating during the winter is rejuvenating because it removes dry skin, but you can relax with this step during the hotter months. 

Use Refreshing Gel Masks

Hydration can become an issue for many people during the hotter summer months in Barrie, which is why refreshing gel masks are ideal. Place your gel mask in your freezer for a couple of minutes before use, as this will provide your face with a refreshing and cool treat. If you have sensitive skin and are not sure which mask would work best for your skin, you can ask a dermatologist for a professional recommendation. 

Your skin is vital, and proper care is required to ensure its optimal health and longevity. If you are looking for a dermatologist near you in Barrie, SimcoMed Health Ltd. can help—we will ensure your skin is healthy, glowing and beautiful. Get in touch today at (705) 503- 6333.


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